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Post by Admin on Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:23 am

Facebook complaint
I have to say, I am completely disappointed in the "bully boy" tactics used by whoever saw benji Jackson this morning. She did NOT look at both wounds (and was very defensive about this stating she did when she could not have in the way she examined him!) He is slightly pink underneath from his castration as he has CLIPPER RASH. She was adamant he must be seen Monday as she could not guarantee he wouldn't need FURTHER SURGERY!!!  That would terrify most owners!!! This is currently not an option due to commitments from myself and the owner (although, according to your you're open from 8am till 7pm then there is no reason why we cannot attend!!!) I would like you to know I have had dogs almost 40 years, spent 16 working at a vets and a decade in the emergency ambulance service. Her attitude was terrifying to a novice owner and she needs to remember that not all owners are stupid. I am appalled by her bully boy antics and I am so very glad I do not use your practice if that's the mannerism your staff adopt when talking to owners. I have spoken to benji's owner at length about this and it's up to him if he continues to use your services. Personally, I am deeply concerned about the way your "professional" felt it necessary to try and scare an owner into attending an appointment that they cannot make. I will be sending a copy of this message to benji's owner as he is already aware of this mornings concerns. Regards. NS

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